Publications Database (ROS)


Conjoints staff members and students are required to lodge any published books, chapters, journal articles, conference papers etc into the UNSW online publication database (ROS) as part of their candidature/employment.

Staff and Conjoint Staff members should affiliate with "UNSW St Vincent's Clinical School" for publications to be counted in the UNSW annual School publication return.

It is recommended that you login regularly to ROS to ensure your publications have been captured and correct. 

Adding your SCOPUS ID and ORCID ID to your ROS profile will enable publications filter through better and to the right person.

  • Tips for improving your citation impact:
    1. Ensure you have an ORCID number, and especially if you have a common name, so that all your citations are correctly attributed.
    2. Create a Google Scholar page- this increases public access to your outputs, boosting your profile across the board.
    3. Increase your Altmetrics score- tweeting and other social media significantly increase attention and engagement around your research.
    4. Engage with Open Access- evidence suggests that if a paper is more widely available, it has more chance of being cited. Just beware of low impact or predatory open access journals.
    5. Attend the UNSW Nature Masterclass or Publishing for Impact workshops, hosted by the Researcher Development Unit free for UNSW staff.
    6. Contact your Outreach Librarian for tailored, discipline-specific workshops on maximising scholarly reach for citation impact, including metrics, curating your digital presence and negotiating publishing contracts.
  • High Quality Research Papers Scheme – UNSW have launched an initaitve to encourage quality publishing at UNSW to reward and support researchers and research groups achieving publication excellence.  Twice a year (August and February) the Director of Research Office will review publications that meet the criteria and contact the researchers directly.  For more information about the scheme, please go to -