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Perceptions of Gout in East Asia Study: For patients diagnosed with gout

The Department of Clinical Pharmacology & Toxicology is studying the perceptions gout amongst East Asian cultures. Our study aims to explore patients’ perceptions of, and experiences with, gout and its management in people of East Asian background.

We are actively looking for individuals diagnosed with gout who are of an East Asian background to participate in the study. 

What is involved?

Individuals taking part in this study will be requested to participate with a 30-minute interview by the most convenient means (face to face, telephone, online). You will be asked questions about your experiences with gout, perceived risk factors for developing gout, and the management / treatment of gout.

Who is eligible to participate?

People with gout who are of an East Asian background.

How do I participate in the study?

To register your interest in the study, or for more information on the Perceptions of Gout in East Asia Study, please contact Maria Hernandez at or 0421 047 184.