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Gout patients needed: Are you interested in participating in Gout study?

The Department of Clinical Pharmacology are looking for patients with gout to take part in a study that aims to improve the management of chronic gout via the use of a mobile phone app.

Eligibility & Registration Information

We are looking for people diagnosed with gout who:

  • Are aged over 18 years;
  • Have experienced one or more gout attacks in the last year;
  • Have a smartphone or tablet device and access to the Internet; and
  • Are receiving or going to receive gout medicines from their GP to prevent attacks.

To register your interest in the study, or for more information, please contact Dr Matthew Coleshill at or 1800 931 544.

What is involved?

If you decide to take part in the research, you will receive one of two versions of a mobile app, designed for patients with gout. You will be asked to:

  • Use this mobile app for one year, and record gout attacks using this tool
  • Attend your GP for routine gout check-ups and the pathology service for blood tests at the start, at 6 months and at 12 months of the study, and
  • Complete 3 surveys, including questions about you, your gout and gout treatment, and how gout affects your work and quality of life. You will be provided with a web-link to the survey (or posted a paper-based survey, if you prefer) at the start, then again after 6 months and 12 months. It will take approximately 30-45 minutes to fill out the survey each time.

With your permission, we would also like to gain access to the following:

  • Your medical examination and medical history relevant to your gout,
  • Your blood test results to track uric acid and creatine concentrations,
  • Gout attack and other data you entered into the mobile app
  • Data on how frequently you use the mobile app, and
  • Your data files on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme and the Medicare Benefits Schedule, that tell us about medicines you take and medical services you use relevant to your gout (optional).

We may also interview you at the end of the study, about your experiences with gout and using the mobile app. This interview will take approximately 30 minutes.

With the exception of your time, we do not expect there to be any risks or costs associated with taking part in this study. You will be reimbursed for your time with a $30 gift voucher after completing both a blood test and a survey at each time point of the study: the start, at 6 months and 12 months ($90 in total).