Key Contacts and Procedures


School Health & Safety Representative & UNSW Medicine Consultant

Name Representing Email Address Telephone
School WHS Represenative      
Mrs Melinda Gamulin School Manager 8382 2290
UNSW Medicine Consultant      
Mr Gregory Maxwell H&S Medicine 9385 0667


SVH Emergency Procedures

  • Assembly Areas - Barcom Street park behind SVH hospital
  • Fire Wardens - there are two fire wardens for each floor of the deLacy Building.
  • Security - call x2519
  • Emergency procedure flip charts - are displayed on each floor at each exit point.  Flip charts are also available in each office, tutorial room and teaching area.
  • Evacuations - upon hearing a continuous alarm or a request to evacuate the building, everyone must leave in an orderly manner by the nearest exit to the assembly area and follow instructions from the fire warden.
  • Drills - occur once a year and organised by the SVH chief fire warden.  Please follow same instructions for evacuations.

First Aid

The School first aid kit is located in Medical Professorial Unit, Administrative Assistant's office, Level 5 deLacy Building.

There is a trained first aid officer for the school and that is Ms Thuy Huynh (Clinical Pharmacology, Level 2 Xavier Building).