Information for All Students

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Student Policies

At St Vincent's Hospital medical students are reminded that there are formalities that need to be followed when seeing and talking to and about patients:

  • Students must be professionally dressed at all times. All students must clearly display their identification badges.
  • The Nurse Unit Manager (NUM) should be contacted on arrival to the ward, or, if they are not available, ask for the patient's nurse to check if it is appropriate to approach a particular patient.
  • In the Sacred Heart and St Vincent's Private Hospital, seek approval from the nursing staff in a similar way.
  • Ask the patient for permission to take their history and or to undertake a physical examination. Identify yourself (full name) and what year you are in.
  • All patients have the right to refuse such permission and this right must be respected. Such permission may be obtained by medical or nursing staff on the students' behalf
  • Do not ask inappropriate questions or questions of an offensive nature
  • Do not speak about patients in public areas, like lifts or where other people can overhear your conversations, as it is a breach of patient confidentiality

NB: Make sure you are familiar with the Faculty of Medicine Student Policies for Undergraduate Students.

Dress Code and Appearance

Medical Students are expected to dress in a clean and tidy, professional manner at all times, particularly when attending the wards or clinics. Male students are asked to wear a tie. Both male and female students must dress in a modest and professional manner. Inappropriate footwear is discouraged for OH&S reasons.

Fingernails should be kept short, particularly important when doing physcial examinations on patients which ALL students should be doing regularly. Hair must be kept neat.

ID Cards

Sudents from all years are to wear their St Vincent's ID Badges at all times when on the SVH campus. Forms will be handed out at Orientation, take these to to the Security Dept, Level 3, Xavier Building (at main entrance) to be processed. If you lose your St Vincent's ID card, a payment of $20 is required for a replacement.

Computer Facilities

All St Vincent's students have access to PCs with Internet access, as processed through the Clinical School Administration and Information Technology & Computing Service (ITSC SVH). Computers are available in the Computer Lab (L5 deLacy Building, the Walter McGrath Medical Library and the students’ common room.

Please be aware of the rules relating to use of computing and electronic communication policies available from the UNSW web, and the St Vincent's SVH Terms and Conditions - Use of Computer policy.

Important Infection Control Information

After exposure to blood or bodily fluid

Step 1: Clean wound and express any blood present.
Skin: wash with soap and water.
Apply antiseptic. Cover with waterproof dressing
Mucous membrane: wash with water or saline.


Step 3: Report accident to supervisor/NUM.
Fill out accident/incident report form.

Step 4: Arrange follow up by nurse practictioner (page 6334) at earliest oppurtunity. Failing a response from the after hours physician page (6335), contact the physician on call for the HIV Medicine Unit via switch (dial 59).

Report all exposures, no matter how trivial they appear!

SVH Needlestick Policy