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Independent Learning Project

The ILP/Honours project year aims to promote lifelong learning patterns and skills which will enable students to approach future medical challenges in their careers with a rigor and depth not possible without a detailed knowledge of the formal processes of research, literature appraisal, data collection, analysis and presentation.

Students undertake the Independent Learning Project (ILP) in phase 2.

ILP’s intend to provide UNSW medical students with a period of in-depth study that engenders an approach to medicine that is constantly questioning and self-critical. 

The St Vincent's Clinical School is a popular School in which to undertake an ILP Project, with some past students obtaining peer-reviewed publications, conference presentations and an enhanced integration of research and its translation into clinical practice.

When seeking an ILP/Honours supervisor, please make sure that you submit a current CV and your academic transcript.


ILP/Honours Coordinator
Dr Rohan Gett
Administrative Support
Kate Steele
UNSW Faculty Coordinator
Khanh Vo