How to Apply

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Research Program Application Requirements

All minimum entry requirements for Research study at UNSW, including PhD, Masters by Research, and Masters of Philosophy, are available online through the UNSW Research website. In addition to University requirements, applicants to UNSW Medicine Higher Degree Research programs must also meet Faculty's eligibilty requirements, avialable on the UNSW Medicine website.

All applicants, domestic and international, must meet the UNSW English language entry requirements before they can be offered admission.

You may also find it helpful to use the UNSW HDR Self-Assessment Tool in order to determine your eligibility for admission and scholarship.

Preparing your Application

Before submitting an application, you will need to find a research area and approprite supervision. You may contact an affiliated SVCS supervisor whose research best align with your research interest by using the UNSW Find a Researcher page or peruse our School's Available Projects page.

Applications for PhDs and Masters by Research must be submitted online via UNSW Apply Online. Supporting documentation including transcripts, research proposals and proof of contact with your potential supervisor should be submitted at the same time through the online application system. 

All applications for Higher Degree Research programs is administered by the UNSW Graduate Research School, the UNSW Graduate Research School's website is also a great resource to assist in your research application preparations.

Higher Degree Research Key Dates 

UNSW has introduced a new HDR Academic Calendar that better reflects the ongoing nature of a research candidature, please note that there are now four possible enrolment intakes commencing in 2019.

If you are applying for a UNSW Research Scholarship, please note that there are three rounds throughout the year, open to both International and Domestic candidates. Please ensure that in your admission application you select the scholarship round which aligns with the semester you wish to start your research degree. Information regaarding UNSW Research Scholarship deadlines available here.