Health and Safety


Health and Safety is central to both teaching and research activities at the St Vincent's Clinical School. The School is committed to meeting the requirements of the UNSW Health & Safety policy and implementing the aims and strategies outlined therein. 


The School has a Level 3 WHS Committee which meets most Wednesday mornings. 

The School WHS Representative is the School Manager, Mrs Melinda Gamulin.

The School WHS Committee minutes and the UNSW Level 2 minutes are circulated via email after each meeting.

Policies, Procedures, Guidelines and Forms

UNSW WHS guidelines and policies and forms can be found at -

SVH WHS guidelines and policies and forms can be found here.

Research institutes will have their own policies and guidelines and therefore, you should seek these out from either your supervisor or the WHS Consultants at the Garvan, VCCRI and or AMR.


WHS Awareness and Ergonomics training is mandatory for all UNSW staff.  Laboratory and supervisor training is listed on the UNSW WHS website for further information. 

It is the supervisors responsiblity to ensure that their staff and students have had an orientation/induction and completed the necessary WHS training within the first 3 months of employment/study.

Reporting Incidents and Hazards

If an incident occurs to a UNSW staff member/student or a hazard is noticed,  it must be reported as soon as possible to your supervisor or School WHS Representative for it to be reported on myUNSW. 

The UNSW incident reporting tool myUNSW is located under staff profile > report/manage WHS&E issues -

SVH incident reporting tool is RiskMan and is located on the Clinical Web > support applications -