Conjoint Staff Information



We welcome applications for conjoint positions within St Vincent's Clinical School and our affiliated organisations such as the Garvan Research Institute (Garvan), Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute (VCCRI) and St Vincent's Centre for Applied Medical Research (AMR).

The conjoint system within UNSW Medicine is designed for individuals who make a significant contribution to UNSW Medicine in the form of teaching, research, participation in student examinations/assessments and service on committees for the faculty.

Why become a conjoint?

UNSW Medicine recognises the valuable contribution of staff and encourages a broad range of clinicians, medical, allied health, scientists and nursing staff to apply. Appointment as a conjoint, offers official recognition and inclusion into the academic community along with many other benefits.

Application & Re-appointment process

  • Visit the UNSW Medicine Information for Conjoint Staff webpage and download the application form.
  • Read through the following policies listed on that page: UNSW Code of Conduct; General Principles for Conjoint Appointments; and Guidelines for Appointment and Promotion Levels as a Conjoint.
  • Return the completed and signed application form (no hand written applications will be accepted), together with an up to date CV to the Head of School, Professor Jerry Greenfield.

Please note that Associate Lecturer appointments are valid for one year and after this time you will need to re-apply. Lecturer/Senior Lectuers will be reviewed on an annual basis and A/Professor & Professors will be reviewed every 3-5 years.

Approval & Notification

  • Applications are reviewed by the relevant Head of Discipline and the Head of School. We will forward your application to the Faculty Conjoint Appointments Committee.
  • You will receive notification of your appointment from UNSW Medicine. The process takes approximately 4 weeks.
  • A welcome letter and onboarding information will be sent to you as well.

Promotion Process

Academics employed by UNSW must follow the University-wide system for appointment/promotion -

  • Career researchers, even if not employed by UNSW, must apply through the University system for promotion to Associate Professor or Professor. These are generally researchers based in affiliated Medical Research Institutes or similar entities. For Lecturer or Senior Lecturer level, applications can be made through either the University wide system or through the conjoint track.
  • The University-wide promotion system may be used by persons not employed by UNSW, and is particularly appropriate for persons with excellent research track records.
  • The Conjoint Track is appropriate for persons not employed by UNSW but who make significant contributions to the Faculty of Medicine eg clinicians, whose main contribution is through teaching and participation in Clinical School activities; clinicians or non-clinicians who do not contribute predominantly through teaching or research.


Please contact Cassandra Shearer on or telephone 8382 2354 if you have any enquiries.